February 2014 NCCP Certifications

Congratulations to the following coaches who received NCCP Certification in February 2014.

Level 3 Senior Coach

Carla Young AB

Level 2 Age Group Coach

Maksim Frantskevich ON
Lily Dong ON
Christopher Drew McClure BC

Level 1 Fundamentals Coach

Jennifer Okrainec AB
Gavin McAtee AB
Caralyn Vossen BC
Courtney Bangert MB
Siham Moussaddaq ON
Ashley Gibson ON
M Andre Bourguignon ON
Kashyap Gosai ON
Taylor Young ON
Ginny Pintur ON
Emil Tzvetanov ON
Trish MacNeil ON
Edie Fisher ON
Jacquelyn Craft ON
Mitch Bowmile ON
Danielle Tarrant ON
Rebecca Suen ON
Anette Nossiter ON
Christine Furniss ON
Philip Garcia ON
Bev Wicks ON
Che Mineque ON
Connor Watson ON
Lacey Flichel SK

Swimming Teacher

Catelyn Froese AB
Josh Kahn ON