August 2013 NCCP Certifications

Congratulations to the following coaches who received NCCP Certification in August 2013.

Level 2 Age Group Coach

Joanne Malar BC

Level 1 Fundamentals Coach

Alexandre Poulin QC
Anne Raymond QC
Brenda Braun SK
Erin Miller BC
Kelsey Hum BC
Lauren Voss BC
Leann Mair BC
Marguerite Poirier ON
Maude Govi-Monty QC
Meaghan Bernier NS
Nicholas Chebroux QC
Nick Abrametz ON
Pascale Lavoie QC
Rachel Wood BC
Rebecca Gay SK
Roberta Roos AB
Roseria Malo MB
Taylor Russell NS
Trevor LaBrie AB
Tyler Burton AB
Krista Omusula SK
Brenda Braun SK

Swimming Teacher

Liam Schoep AB